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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing

Galvanizing and Annealing Lines

Galvanizing and annealing lines typically involve the thermal preparation and application of various zinc coatings on a thin strip of various metal alloys.

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Application Need 

During the production of galvanized or annealed steel, the metal is heated to very critical temperatures to insure proper bonding of the galvanized coating or annealing of the metal. The steel is measured in the preheat, heat, soak and cooling zones to insure proper metallurgical properties.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Improvement of strip metalurgy with accurate strip temperature measurement
  • Reduced integration costs with industry standard communications protocols
  • Continuous temperature monitoring for traceability of final quality product
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Remote temperature compensation for alloy variations with analog input for emissivity or e-slope control
  • Small spot size provides optimal wedge temperature measurement
  • Fieldbus communications (Profinet, ethernet) for factory integration

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