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Electric Substation

Biomass & Coal Pile Monitoring

Coal and biomass piles oxidation process can lead to spontaneous combustion. This spontaneous self-ignition can result in difficult to control fires and presents serious safety and economical problem.

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Application Need 

Due to the risk of spontaneous heating and combustion of coal and biomass piles, the customer is responsible to follow industry guidelines for safe management of storage piles, including recommendations for pile angles, compression, surface smoothing and hot and cold spot continuous monitoring. 

Benefits to the customer 
  • Continuous temperature monitoring and recording of stockpiles with ThermoView TV40 thermal imager.
  • Using ThermoViewTV40 provides a clear and visible display and alarm outputs when hot spots are detected.
  • With ThermoView software you can set up alarms that will trigger action by plant personnel to prevent a major onset of fire. The success of these actions can be immediately assessed by checking the real-time thermal image.
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • IP67 housing and easy to install external enclosure for added protection.
  • Independent emissivity for each Area of Interest (AOI) and user-configurable setup of temperature conditions to trigger events or alarms, which can interface to discrete input/output (I/O) devices.
  • Wide angle lens provides large field of view and can reduce need for additional cameras to capture the full picture.

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