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Electric Substation

Electric Utilities and Substation Monitoring

No aspect of modern society can function without power, so keeping the power distribution grid up and running is essential in order to maintain our day-to-day lives. If critical machinery breaks down, you run the risk of disrupting the grid. The Critical Asset Monitoring System builds on the high-performance ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager and includes advanced software features and housing accessories designed specifically for remote temperature monitoring in substations and electric utility applications.

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Application Need 

Aging infrastructure and growing demand for low-cost energy are putting more stress on the power grid – increasing the risks of costly and potentially devastating brownouts and blackouts. At this critical time, utilities need solid solutions to help increase capabilities, maintain reliability, while at the same time, keeping costs under control.

Throughout the years, handheld, portable thermal cameras served as the go-to tool in identifying hot spots and potential failure areas in electrical distribution systems, but they are often only used intermittently. Facility that implement continuous temperature monitoring of critical equipment and assets – such as transformers, bushings, and capacitor banks – can instantly identify risky areas and take corrective action before unexpected failure occurs.

Now more than ever, power facilities must implement solid temperature monitoring solutions that can help to identify possible equipment failures, keep repair and replacement costs under control, ensure power is supplied to the grid without interruption, and more.

Benefits to the customer 
  • IP66-rated housing for protection in the harshest industrial environments
  • See multiple pieces of equipment across large areas with a single Pan and Tilt system
  • Pinpoint potential equipment failure with customizable alarm features
  • Schedule preventative maintenance based on data, keeping repair and replacement costs under control
  • Ensure power is supplied to the grid without interruption through continuous monitoring
  • Increase personnel safety with remote monitoring capabilities
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Ensure uniform temperatures across transformer bushings 24/7
  • Continuously monitor contact points, switches, and other critical assets where hot spot conditions may occur
  • Observe your equipment and analyze data in realtime with customizable areas of interest; independent, continuous, or intermittent evaluation; and more

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