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Thermal profiling in reflow soldering

Circuit Board Assembly

A key step in the manufacture of any electronic assembly is the mass soldering of the components to the substrate. The soldering can be conducted in one or more of several processes with convection reflow being the most widely used.

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Application Need 

Ensuring that the solder and it's flux are subjected to the correct temperature profile is critical to producing working and reliable assemblies. This has to be achieved on both large and small components, and in all of the soldering processes. Frequent product changeovers are time-consuming and can lead to reduced line availability.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Measure true product temperature accurately and repeatably
  • Automate the selection of oven settings for faster changeover times
  • Collect repeatable data and create SPC analysis to predict maintenance needs in advance
  • A profiling solution that can be for every soldering process
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Widest range of thermal profilers available for this industry
  • Every system supplied with automated recipe calculations
  • Easy-to-use Insight™ Software with wizards to guide infrequent users

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