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Thermal profiling in reflow soldering

Selective Soldering Process

Selective soldering is replacing hand soldering, where a small number of through-hole components are fitted to an electronic sub-assembly. In the process, either the assembly is moved to the mini solder wave to make the joint, or the wave is moved to the assembly.

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Application Need 

Users of the selective soldering process have to profile the process at time of setup, and then at frequent intervals to measure process stability. The biggest challenge is to find enough space into which the thermal profiler can be positioned.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Ensure and prove that solder profile specifications are met
  • Fine-tune the process to maximize throughput
  • Troubleshoot the process quickly and easily
  • Measure and track process stability
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Smallest thermal profiler in the electronics industry for easy fit in the process
  • Rechargeable and always ready for use (fast charge and ready to use again in just 5 minutes)
  • Rugged case and connector design ensures trouble-free use

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