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IR Sensors for Glass Processing
Thermal Profiling in Automotive Industry

Automotive Glass - Windshield Forming and Laminating

This application involves the forming of automotive and truck/bus windshields in the sag-bending process. The glass sheet is heated until it is within it's viscoelastic phase, at which point, the glass then slumps into a former to take on the required shape.

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Application Need 

As windshields become thinner, to save weight and the standard of optical clarity required is increased, the control of the sag bending process becomes more critical. The glass temperature has to be uniform to achieve correct bending without breakage. The challenge is to measure the full temperature profile as the product moves through the furnace.

Using IR temperature measurment, a complete thermal map of temperature on the glass is required for agressive bending in specific areas on the glass.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Measure uniformity of heating across the windshield, enabling optimization of furnace settings
  • Direct measurement of surface temperature by thermocouple is accurate on all glass types and coatings
  • Readings in real-time from within the furnace enable fast process setup for new products
  • Track the process stability over time, enabling predictive maintenance program to be implemented
  • Monitor and alarm complete thermal map of glass using IR technology
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Minimize product setup times
  • Provide operator visibility of temperature profile continuouly
  • Provide alarm outputs if temperature setpoints are exceeded
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Widest range of thermal barriers - a solution to fit within the tightest of carriers
  • Up to twenty thermocouple inputs can measure uniformity across the largest of products
  • Easy to use Insight software, with Wizards, to guide infrequent users

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