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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings
Thermal Profiling in Automotive Industry

Coating and Sealant Curing for Automotive Manufacturing

In the automotive market, the manufactuing of cars, trucks, bikes and other associated modes of transportation requires the application of many coating, polymer and adhesive cure applications. Each application requires thermal treatment to provide the finished product with the required protection, cosmetic appearance and safety demanded by industry regulations, such as CQI-12, CQI-9 and ISO9000.

Applications include:

Coating of car body shell in automotive assembly - E-coat, primer surfacing, base coat, top/clear coat.

Structural sealing and bonding of car body shell - structural adhesives, PVC/ mastic sealers, thermal treatment of composite materials.

Coating of parts and accessories supplied to automotive OEMs - engine blocks, oil filters, brake pads, air bags, Internal trim, control panels, rubber door seals, and internal cloth coverings.

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Application Need 

In the automotive industry, control of the many cure / heat treatment processes is critical to the quality of the finished assembled product and its market value. Failing to execute the right processes is catastrophic in terms of potential rejects, lost productivity and legal claims. Specific application challenges include:

  1. Coating protection of the car body and critical components against corrosion in order to maximize life expectancy and reduced failures in the field
  2. Integrity of structural adhesives to ensure car safety regulations, even when a collision is involved
  3. Cosmetic surface finish of body paint and accessories used on the car to maximize customer satisfaction
Benefits to the customer 
  • Daily monitoring tool to confirm all parts of the car body or product achieve the correct thermal cure (Time @ Temperature) to guarantee coating/sealant/adhesive cure and ensure quality and safety of final product
  • Oven process faults can be identified quickly and the information can be used to recommend efficient corrective action for minimized downtime and rework/rejects
  • New product releases can be performed efficiently - the Datapaq® system provides quick process optimization and validation
  • Fully certified and traceable profile reports, which can be critical to regulatory compliance and future protection against possible warranty or legal claims
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Global standard system for automotive manufacture, designed specifically for the demands of the automotive assembly application. Used daily by thousands of customers worldwide, to guarantee product quality, safety and process efficiency
  • With up to 16 measurement channels, silicone free barrier technology, and Insight Professional Software, developed for the automotive paint plant - XL2 is the solution of choice, meeting the needs of routine QA or new process validation
  • Insight Professional Software converts raw data into meaningful information, critical for quality assurance, processes optimization or proving regulatory compliance

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