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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

Metal Packaging - Aluminum Tubes and Aerosol Coating Monobloc

In the manufacture of aluminum metal tube packaging using the monobloc manufacturing process, the aluminum tube, bottle or aerosol can is drawn deep from an aluminum disc, which is then coated internally with lacquer and externally with primer, print ink and varnish.  This is followed by a cure process, which involves sending the tube through an IBO oven to cure internal lacquer and then through a pin chain oven (or ovens) to cure external decorative coatings.

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Application Need 

To ensure both the physical and cosmetic performance of the aluminum tube/bottle, it is essential that the curing process for the internal lacquer and external decorative coatings are completed according to the accurate coating cure specifications. It is important that the customer monitor the temperature of the aluminum tube as it travels through the respective ovens, to guarantee that the product is achieving the correct 'time at temperature' to maintain coating performance.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Measure complete oven temperature profile to prove that the coating cure schedule is achieved in order to guarantee quality and reduce reject costs
  • Optimize oven process accurately to improve efficiency and guarantee consistency line-to-line
  • Prove process consistency day-to-day and identify/solve any oven problems quickly and efficiently
  • Provide fully traceable certified process validation reports to satisfy quality audits
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • MonoPaq2 System designed to satisfy both IBO and pin oven coatings applications, employing DQ1804 miniature and 4 channel datalogger
  • Single low volume barrier can be fitted easily and safely, either to pin chain or inserted into IBO product basket
  • Insight™ Software provides comprehensive, high-resolution temperature profile report for validation, control and process optimization

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