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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

PVD Coating

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a high-tech coating application, used to manufacture high-end consumer products, jewelry and medical products. The PVD coatings are hard, thin film coatings, deposited in a vacuum chamber from a physical source, as opposed to a chemical one. The coating process is performed by sputtering, where atomized material from a solid target is transferred to the product by energetic bombardment of its surface layers by ions or neutral particles. Magnetron sputtering is an extremely flexible coating technique that can be used to coat virtually any material. 

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Application Need 

As part of the PVD process, it is critical that the vacuum chamber temperature is carefully controlled and that the product surface is also maintained at a specified temperature. This guarantees the quality of the surface finish and ensures protection and cosmetic appearance of the product.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Correct temperature control in the vacuum chamber to guarantee correct adhesion of surface coating
  • Profile traces can be used to help with accurate, efficient process setup for new products and coatings
  • Fully certified and traceable profile information, which can be used to prove process control, as part of any necessary regulatory compliance
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Datapaq System contained in PVD chamber prevents issues with trailing thermocouples
  • Barrier sealed and polished to prevent outgassing and contamination of vacuum chamber
  • Insulated MI probes provide noise free measurement, even in high voltage environments

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