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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing
Thermal Profiling in Automotive Industry

Hot Forming Steel Panels

Hot forming is becoming increasingly important in the forming of structural panels for the production of automobiles.The process consists of rapid heating of flat panels to 950°C/1742°F prior to pressing them into complex shapes.

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Application Need 

Uniform heating of automotive panels prior to pressing or forming is crucial to the quality and strength of the final product. Different product sizes, steel grades and thickness require specific thermal heating profiles to achieve end product characteristics.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Monitor and verify temperature uniformity by measuring product temperature at various points
  • Document ideal heating conditions as a baseline to allow fine tuning of the process heating parameters in case of drift
  • Manage traceability for batches, product types or shifts with dedicated software packages
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Fixed thermal imaging allows monitoring of product temperature across the entire product at any point in the process
  • ThermoView software enables you to quickly setup multiple Areas of Interest (AOIs), while the connection tool allows you to easily reference the temperature difference between each AOI
  • Intuitive alarms can be configured to alert your team when product temperatures are not uniform or when temperatures are beyond set parameters
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Monitor and verify product heating profiles with up to 12 measurement points
  • Insight™ software analytics and baseline profiles allow you to accurately fine tune parameters for various product types and sizes
  • Verify uniformity of heating areas and document instantly by batch, product code or shift to improve traceability with Insight software reporting tools

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