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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing

Aluminum Brazing (CAB & Vacuum)

Ensure product quality every time with continuous, through-process temperature monitoring.

Aluminum brazing requires extreme precision to ensure every product is brazed correctly without deformations. Additionally, when manufacturing heat exchanges like oil and water coolers for the automotive industry, temperatures need to be closely monitored during every step of production to confirm they stay within narrow process window parameters.

For controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) application specifically, making sure that the aggressive atmosphere from this process does not come into contact with thermal barrier is critical in avoiding any temperature monitoring-related problems. The Datapaq CAB Furnace Solution, for example, helps fine-tune your process to confirm it is meeting the narrow time and temperature window brazing requires.

In vacuum brazing applications, meanwhile, outgassing is a typical problem caused by traditional thermal barrier designs. As a result, Fluke Process Instruments has developed an innovative thermal barrier design that can provide two-stage thermal protection for processes up to four hours and enables users to fine tune heater panel settings during the process and see results in real-time.

Whether your process relies on controlled atmosphere brazing of vacuum brazing, our Datapaq solution can help optimize your process.

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Reduced Set Up Time

Each Datapaq solution enables users to record detailed thermal profiles with 10- and 20-channel data loggers in real-time. As a result, process engineers can check thermocouples prior to passing through the furnace and fine tune settings as new products are introduced throughout the manufacturing process without shutting down.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

By monitoring temperature changes in real-time and referencing actionable analytics, our solution can help indicate when furnace maintenance is needed. Knowing when to carry out this essential work can help mitigate unscheduled downtime as well as the effects of flux and residue buildup that can affect overall performance.

More Insights, More Knowledge

Data is and always will be a valuable part of any production process, but the amount of time it takes to gain accurate insights can slow you down. That’s why we designed an intuitive solution that automatically provides comprehensive reports and includes the tools you need to see and understand exactly what is happening inside of your furnace.

Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Unique design for harsh CAB environments to protect the system from acid attacks generated by flux
  • Innovative 'insulation free' solution for vacuum brazing eliminates outgassing and any insulation particles that cause product defects and furnace pump repairs
  • SPC or statistical process control capability of historical data to help predict faults before they occur

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