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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing

Aluminum Solution Reheat

Easy-to-use thermal profiling systems for every step of the solution heat treatment process including quench and aging applications.

Solution heat treatment is common in the production of many aluminum parts to ensure each product’s final characteristics. In the past, through-process profiling systems featured disposable fiber insulations, which were both time consuming and costly to replace.

Designed with your aluminum solution reheat process in mind, our team has developed the Datapaq Furnace Tracker Sealed Quench System, enabling you to create complete temperature profiles without interrupting your process. Unlike past systems, this through-process system does not use disposable insulation to make data collection easier than ever.

This robust furnace tracking solution enables you to measure temperatures (up to 20 points) on the product and across every production cycle – from solution treatment and quenching to the final aging process. This detailed look at temperature data ensures process engineers that every step of the heat treatment process has been set up correctly and that the final product meets both quality standards and industry regulations.

Every Datapaq Furnace Tracker System also includes intuitive software and analytics that can help optimize furnace conditions and track long-term furnace performance trends.

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Perfect Timing

This Datapaq solution can record temperature readings every 0.3 seconds for aluminum heat treatment applications, providing detailed quench delay measurements and cooling rates in real-time. The data logger can also be programmed to change sample rate at each production stage, ensuring maximum resolution and clarity in slower moving phases.

Repeatable, Accurate Data

At the heart of the Datapaq Furnace Tracker Sealed Quench System is the Datapaq TP6 Data Logger, which is available in both 10- and 20-channel variants and can be specified with Type K or Type N thermocouples. By combining the logger with calibrated, mineral-insulated thermocouples and by using calibration correction factors featured in the analysis software, you have a system that complies with requirements for both AMS2750 and CQi-9.


Because disposable thermal barrier insulation is costly and time consuming to replace, Fluke Process Instruments has designed a thermal barrier that features fully sealed construction and a simple two-part faceplate. This patented design enables users to easily replace and reuse thermocouples, as there is no need to use or dispose of fiber blanket insulation. As a result, this makes the thermal barrier easy and quick to set up compared to traditional designs for aluminum solution treatment and aging processes.

More Insight into Your Process

Temperature data from both your furnace and products are key to optimizing your production process. All our solutions feature intuitive software that provides comprehensive temperature data and reports, as well as detailed analytics so you can clearly see everything happening inside your furnace.

Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Monitor all 3 stages of heat treatment, including water/polymer quench with a dedicated low-height quench solution
  • Conform to CQI-9 requirements more efficiently with dedicated Insight™ Software and TP6 data logger - designed to reduce time and eliminate human error
  • Unique product design reduces setup time by 75%, saving man hours and reducing furnace downtime

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