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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing

High Temperature Vacuum Heat Treatment

Get the temperature uniformity data you need with real-time, through-process thermal profiling.

Vacuum heat treatment is required when the presence of Oxygen leads to surface degradation for the producing being processed, such as steel and aluminum. In these applications, however, maintaining temperature uniformity throughout the entire vacuum furnace’s working volume is critical to product quality but difficult to achieve.

Because of this, as well as conflicting features found in vacuum heat treating, regular temperature uniformity surveys need to be performed.

To measure temperature data quickly and easily, Fluke Process Instruments has developed the Datapaq® Furnace Tracker Vacuum Heat Treatment, complete with data logger, intuitive software, calibrated thermocouples and our widest selection of thermal barriers.

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Reduced Setup Times

With through-process thermal profiling systems like the Datapaq Furnace Heat Treatment Profiling System, thermocouples can be set up, connected and checked offline – eliminating the need for feedthroughs and reducing overall downtime.

Multi-Chamber System

In multi-chamber vacuum application, through-process profiling is often the only method that can be used. As a result, we’ve designed a system specifically to withstand the high gas velocities and pressures seen throughout the quenching stages for this process – providing dependable temperature uniformity data for every stage of your process.

Record Data in Real-Time

Our intuitive Insight™ Software features real-time data, which is gathered via radio telemetry designed to operate at high temperatures. By analyzing data in real-time, you can ensure products are being heated correctly to help reduce rework rates.

Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Identify hot or cold spots within the product basket
  • Run uniformity surveys without needing to set up thermocouples through the furnace walls
  • Verify and document the thermal profiles of different product batches for traceability

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