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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing

Tube and Pipe Mills

Infrared temperature monitoring and thermal profiling for reduced downtime and quality results.

Throughout tube and pipe mills, induction welding is commonly used while producing steel tubes and temperature control is key in maintaining or improving product quality. Four different welding processes are typically used – high frequency welding, electric resistance welding, gas tungsten arc welding and laser welding – and measuring the temperature of each weld is also critical in achieving the highest quality product at the highest speeds, all while ensuring the lowest possible energy costs.

To better understand the full intricacies of your process, Fluke Process Instruments has developed a range of fixed infrared monitoring tools and through-process thermal profiling systems to help your facility improve tube quality and reduce downtime.

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Improve Quality

By continuously monitoring steel tubes with infrared products like Endurance Series Pyrometers and the ThermoView TV40 Fixed Thermal Imager, can ensure products reach optimal preheat temperatures and cool at the correct rate, eliminating the potential for cracking or distortion later down the line and reducing rework rates.

Additionally, our temperature monitoring solutions typically feed data directly into a PLC system in real-time, so your team can quickly make adjustments to power, gas or temperature as changes occur to help maintain quality.

Reduce Downtime

Fluke Process Instruments has also developed a through-process thermal profiling system to gain more insights into your furnace so you can optimize your process and reduce downtime. With the Datapaq Furnace Tracker Thermal Profiling System, your team can track temperatures and analyze trends, allowing you to schedule maintenance and downtime.

This Datapaq solution also allows operators to minimize new product set up time with our easy-to-use Insight™ Software, which can save your furnace recipes for a variety of products as well as recommend potential settings based on furnace performance.

The actionable analytics provided by the Insight™ Software also enables operators to make furnace adjustments in real-time that can help save on energy costs while ensuring products maintain quality, which further helps to support the demands of your production process.

Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Single unit designed to handle wider temperature ranges to suit any welding or forming application
  • Enhanced software for data capturing, trending analyses and quality reports
  • Integrated galvanically isolated I/O to reduce system installation costs
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Unique design solution, which mounts onto the rolling or moving pipe, and monitors up to 20 measurement points - including quench cycles for true understanding of product temperature
  • Minimize new product setup time and R&D, with a unique cylindrical system from Fluke Process Instruments
  • Powerful, easy-to-use, Insight™ Software for instant data analysis and traceability reports

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