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IR Sensors in extrusion coating

Cast Film Extrusion

In cast film production, polymers are melted through a slot or flat die (extruded) to form a thin molten film. This film is attracted towards the surface of a chilled roller using the force of an air knife or vacuum box, where it immediately solidifies. The film then passes through a series of chill rollers before being edge-trimmed and typically wound on a roll. Some machines will extrude a number of films for a laminated final product.

Application Need 

Detection of die "bolt heater" problems is necessary to ensure uniformity of the die temperature, control roller temperatures and to detect film breakages.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Linescanner facilitates control of temperature of the melt curtain.
  • Temperature measuring using spot sensor for downstream film temperature measurement optimizes final product quality.
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Integrated laser for ease of alignment
  • Multiple linescanners connect via LAN to single PC using easy-to-configure software with integrated OPC and HTTP servers
  • Spare field-replaceable window included with each linescanner (no calibration required)

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