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IR Sensors in extrusion coating

Raytek® ES150 Sheet Extrusion Process Imaging System

Infrared Temperature Solutions

ES150 Thermal Imaging System for Plastic Sheet Extrusion
Key Features 
Reduce process setup time and automate quality monitoring
Early detect die bolt heater problems or plugged die
Define product-specific configurations and data files
View complete sheet temperature profile for more effective chill roll control
Define product-specific configurations and data files
Customize and display zones overlayed on thermal image
Automatically analyze zone temperatures

Product Overview

The ES150 Sheet Extrusion Process Imaging System is an automated inspection system for detecting, measuring, and classifying defects occurring in sheet extrusion, cast film and web processes.  The ES150 system continuously monitors the web process allowing temperature data to be visualized as a line graph (profile) and a thermographic image. Profiles and images may be printed or archived for analysis.

Through the use of OPC (OLE for Process Control), the ES150 system acts as an OPC server and communicates with many common process control systems. This feature allows the ES150 to move beyond being just a measurement tool and becomes an integral part of the total process control system.

ES150 Process Imaging System Software

The ES150 System provides the capability to define any number of sectors corresponding to specified areas across the sheet. Sectors are defined by name, location, and the desired processing of temperature data within the sector (e.g., average, minimum, or maximum temperature).

This capability is very useful in sheet and cast film extrusion processes where sectors can be configured to provide temperatures corresponding to each die bolt heater. In case of an alarm, information is automatically saved indicating the time, alarm duration, and the defect position. When an alarm trigger occurs, 500 temperature lines are automatically stored in an alarm log file.

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