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Thermal profiling in reflow soldering
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Optimize your soldering process to minimize downtime and ensure minimal reject rates.

After the wafer (circuit board) has been etched, polished and heat treated, it must be cut out, soldered and undergo the reflow process. In this application, it is crucial that the product reaches and maintains a specific temperature through the entire process. If the product goes above or below the specified temperature threshold there will be problems with the circuit board, and it will be scrapped.

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With a temperature profiling system, such as the Datapaq DP5 Reflow Tracker System, you can ensure that the reflow oven process is working correctly and that your specified temperature is always being achieved. The system also provides validity for quality control to ensure consistent traceability before moving further down the line.

The Datapaq DP5 Reflow Tracker System also includes Easy Oven Setup software, which calculates the optimum temperature and speed settings based on your desired profile specification. This allows you to speed up your oven optimization times from hours to minutes.

Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Widest range of thermal profilers available for this industry
  • Every system supplied with automated recipe calculations
  • Easy-to-use Insight™ Software with wizards to guide infrequent users

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