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TM21 Telemetry System for Reflow Oven

Datapaq® Reflow Tracker® Thermal Profiling System

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Thermal Profiling Systems

Refow Tracker System
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Key Features 
Reliable profiling systems for circuit assembly manufacturing
Powerful and user-friendly Insight™ analysis software
Fast and highly accurate data logger
High-grade stainless steel thermal barriers with small footprint
Intelligent battery management with built-in rapid charger
Live real-time analysis and review of process data with radio telemetry system

Product Overview

The Datapaq® Reflow Tracker® temperature profiling system travels through the process, enabling you to monitor wave and reflow soldering, as well as vapor phase, selective soldering and rework stations. Comprised of specifically designed thermocouples, data loggers, protective thermal barriers and Insight software, this system will help you optimize product quality, expedite process setup, increase yields and minimize the need for rework.

For more details and specifications, download the Reflow Tracker System brochure.

Insight Software for Reflow Tracker

Insight software is an easy-to-use analysis package designed by Datapaq to meet the needs of the electronics assembly industry. With a typical reflow soldering profile lasting only six minutes, users don't want to spend additional time analyzing the profile. Insight Software ensures that the user is presented with a detailed analysis immediately.

For detailed information, download the Insight Software for Reflow Tracker brochure  and Reflow Standard Report Sample.

Easy Oven Setup (EOS) Software is a user-friendly automated recipe calculation software for reflow ovens. This software eliminates the need to conduct repeated trial and error experiments. It will process thousands of oven temperature and speed setting combinations in seconds to find the recipe best suited to your product and process limits. For detailed information, download the EOS Software brochure and EOS Standard Report Sample You can also visit our software downloads page to download free EOS software demos.

Q18 Data Logger

The Datapaq Q18 is the most reliable, rugged, temperature data logger available and utilizes the latest in electronic technology to ensure the optimal size/performance balance is achieved. It can take readings from up to 12 thermocouples at a faster speed, finer resolution and greater accuracy than has previously been done in the temperature profiling industry. Features include:

  • Ultra-fast USB connection
  • Exceptionally slim footprint - less than 60mm (2.5”) wide and low height - less than 12mm (0.5”)
  • Sampling rate as low as 0.05 seconds
  • 26000 readings per channel in 6 active channels
  • High accuracy -0.5°C/0.9°F
  • Easy Start/Stop buttons
  • Intelligent battery management with built-in rapid charger

For details and system specifications, download the Q18 Data Logger brochure.
For the radio telemetry system specifications, download the Q18 Telemetry brochure.

Thermal Barriers

Employing the same insulation technology as that used in an aircraft’s ‘black box’, Datapaq thermal barriers can withstand the harshest of environments. The thermal barriers are constructed from microporous insulation, housed in a high-grade stainless steel casing and are improved by easy-to-use, secure button closures. Rugged, yet lightweight, these barriers withstand process temperatures run after run.

For system specifications, download the Reflow Tracker System Thermal Barriers brochure.


Thermocouple probes are an essential part of a Datapaq Reflow Tracker system. They are placed in critical points on the product to give a clear profile of the temperature throughout the process. No one makes a more robust probe. All Datapaq probes are constructed with alloys that conform to the highest standards (ANSI MC 96.1 Special Limits of Error) and provide the most accurate data possible.

For system specifications, download the Reflow Tracker System Thermocouples brochure.


Radio Telemetry System - allows you to see in real time what happens to your product during the soldering process. You can compare product temperatures to specification during the process. 

For detailed information, download the Q18 telemetry brochure.

Surveyor System - consisting of an adjustable frame, fixed temperature sensors and enhanced SPC Surveyor analysis software, this tool is designed to spot trends in your oven’s performance and avoid processes that are out of specification.

For detailed information, download the Surveyor System brochure and Standard Report sample.

Wave Solder Analysis Kit - a tool for regular repeatable process monitoring. It enables you to profile PCB/component temperatures, or use the pallet with its integral PCB coupon to monitor process stability and wave conditions. All critical process parameters are displayed in one, easy-to-read table – the wave and preheat data, as well as the temperature profile graph.

For detailed information, download the Wave Solder Analysis brochure.

Rapid Oven Setup (ROS) Software - a modeling tool for calculating optimum oven recipes for complex assemblies. ROS is the fastest way to set up your reflow oven for new assemblies without passing them through the process. This innovative system uses a heat transfer sensor to measure the heating effectiveness of your oven and then calculates the optimum oven settings for any assembly.

For detailed information, download the ROS brochure.

Selective Soldering - the SelectivePaq system has been designed specifically for use in the confined space of the miniature wave selective soldering process. Combining the four channel Q18 micro logger with a thermal shield and Insight® software, the SelectivePaq is a complete solution for monitoring product temperatures throughout the selective soldering process. The addition of the optional sensor array enables process stability to be measured.

For detailed information, download the SelectivePaq datasheet.

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