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Kiln Firing Monitoring

Datapaq® Specialty Kiln Tracker® Thermal Profiling Systems

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Thermal Profiling Systems

Kiln Tracker Temperaturprofilsystem
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Datapaq TP3 Temperatur-Datenlogger
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Key Features 
Specialty Kiln Systems for specific ceramics firing applications
Highly accurate state-of-art data loggers
Specially-engineered rugged thermal barriers
User-friendly Insight™ software for data analysis
Specially designed and insulated thermocouples built for repeat use at 1200°C/2192°F
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Product Overview

Kiln Tracker® temperature profiling systems are comprised of a data logger, protective thermal barrier and Insight software. In addition to the standard Kiln Tracker system, Datapaq® offers a range of solutions specifically designed to meet your exact process requirements in Roller Hearth Kiln, Hydro Kiln and Clay Block Firing.

For detailed information and system specifications, download the Kiln Tracker Specialty Systems brochure.

Kiln Tracker Thermal Profiling System for Roller Hearth Kiln

This system monitors the thermal profile of the ware, as it is fired in the roller hearth kiln. It operates without trailing thermocouples and travels through the kiln with the ware continually monitoring and storing the temperatures of the clay body and the environment. This allows you to check critical areas of the process, such as heating and cooling rates cross the quartz inversion zone and the temperature differential cross the thickness of the product.

Kiln Tracker Thermal Profiling System for Hydro Kiln

This system has been developed to operate in tunnel kilns that use a water seal beneath the kiln cars for monitoring heavy clay firing cycles, such as roof tiles, bricks, etc. The data logger is housed beneath the kiln car and protected from high under-car temperatures by a specially designed watertight thermal barrier.

Kiln Tracker Thermal Profiling System for Clay Block Firing

This system travels with your product through the firing cycle to accurately monitor the precise temperature of the clay products at any position around the kiln car at any time during the firing cycle. It is ideally suited to the short, 24 to 36 hour firing cycles, typical of the clay block manufacturing process.

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