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Kiln Firing Monitoring

Datapaq® Tunnel Kiln Tracker® Thermal Profiling System

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Thermal Profiling Systems

Datapaq Kiln-Tracker-System für Tunnelöfen
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Datapaq TP3 Temperatur-Datenlogger
Hitzeschutzbehälter TB6000
Key Features 
Reliable profiling system for high temperatures and long process durations typical in the ceramics industry
Powerful and user-friendly Insight™ analysis software
Highly accurate and programmable 10 or 20 channel data loggers storing up to 3.6 million data points
Stainless steel data logger encasing
Datapaq TP3 Radio Telemetry option for real-time monitoring
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Product Overview

Tunnel Kiln Tracker® temperature profiling systems are comprised of a data logger, a protective thermal barrier and Insight software. Using a Datapaq® system, you can obtain reliable and accurate in-process temperature profiling in tunnel kilns used to fire brick and roof tiles, tableware, sanitaryware, tile, refractory and more.

For detailed information, download the Kiln Tracker System brochure.

Kiln Tracker Insight Software

Insight software takes the data gathered by the data logger, quickly interprets the information, and reports the analysis you need instantly. Wizards walk you through all the major software functions and simplify setups and analysis. Critical profile results are available on one easy-to-read screen, automatically informing you of any out-of-tolerance parameters. In addition, a software alarm warns you immediately of process issues, allowing you to take corrective action before product damage occurs. Features include:

  • Monitor rates of heating and cooling across the Quartz Inversion Point
  • Review mimic positioning to see exact position of burners, fans, etc. in relation to the profile
  • Monitor variable push rates scales throughout the run
  • Generate certified and traceable profile reports to satisfy all your documentation needs
  • With telemetry features and software, observe the exact temperature profiling in real-time

For detailed information, download the Kiln Tracker Tracker Insight Basic Software Brochure.

Thermal Barriers

Datapaq offers the widest range of thermal barriers for a variety of kiln applications. Made of rugged, high grade stainless steel for reliable durability, yet small enough to fit beneath a kiln car, these barriers have sufficient thermal capacity to withstand heat for long durations.

Datapaq proven technology utilizes insulation innovations to ensure the logger stays cooler longer. By maintaining distinct phases of heat transfer, Datapaq barriers maximize the time a logger remains at operable temperatures.

Datapaq TP3 Data Logger

Specifically designed to work in the high temperature environments and long durations that are typical in the ceramics industry, the Datapaq TP3 high temperature data logger can store up to 3.6 million readings with an accuracy of ±0.3ºC (±0.5ºF). Bluetooth communications eliminate the need for cables to reset/download the data. The logger features a stainless steel case for improved reliability. Multiple thermocouple types on one logger give the flexibility for using in the ceramics industry. For added value, a built-in transmitter with full analysis functions monitors the process in real-time and triggers an alarm if the process is out of specification.

The Datapaq TP3 data logger is a compact, highly sophisticated and accurate data logger with a high speed sampling rate and improved battery life. It features incomparable stability and excellent resistance to electrical noise.

For detailed information, download the Datapaq TP3 temperature data logger brochure. To learn how the Datapaq TP3 can benefit your operation, download the 3 Key Wins document.


Datapaq offers a selection of thermocouples designed and specified to ANSI MC96.1 standards for high temperature operations in the heat treatment and ceramic industries. Mineral or 'Nextel' insulated Datapaq thermocouples can also be customized to match the exact requirements of the process.

For detailed information, download our list of thermocouples.


Specially designed for the kiln industry, the Datapaq TP3 Radio Telemetry System allows you to see in real time what happens to your product during the heat treatment process. You can compare actual product temperatures to specifications during the process and optimize cycle times.

For detailed information and system specifications, download the Datapaq TP3 Radio Telemetry System brochure.

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