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Customer Improves Accuracy, Safety, and Efficiency with the Raynger 3i Plus

March 16, 2023
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A leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals was looking for a reliable and accurate infrared thermometer to improve their temperature measurement process. They had been using traditional contact thermometers but found them slow and prone to error. After researching various options, they decided to try Fluke Process Instrument's Raynger 3i Plus.

After implementing the Raynger 3i Plus, our customer experienced:

  1. Improved accuracy and efficiency: With the Raynger 3i Plus, they were able to measure temperatures more accurately and efficiently. It has a high-accuracy sensor and a large, easy-to-read display, allowing operators to quickly and easily take temperature readings without making contact with the surface being measured. This helped to reduce measurement errors and increase overall productivity.
  2. Increased safety: The Raynger 3i Plus also helped to improve safety at the customer’s plant. The Raynger 3i Plus has a built-in laser pointer that allows operators to precisely target the measurement spot, reducing the risk of accidental burns or injuries. Additionally, the Raynger 3i Plus has a programmable high-temperature alarm that alerts operators when the measured temperature exceeds a certain threshold, helping to prevent equipment damage and ensure safe operating conditions.
  3. Cost savings: This customer realized significant cost savings by switching to the Raynger 3i Plus. The instrument has a long battery life and a durable design, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. Additionally, the Raynger 3i Plus helped improve overall process efficiency, reducing the time and resources required to take temperature readings.

Overall, our customer was extremely satisfied with the performance of the Raynger 3i Plus. It helped them to improve accuracy and efficiency, increase safety, and reduce costs, making it a valuable addition to their temperature measurement process.

Visit the Raytek Raynger 3i Plus product page for more info on how it and our other pyrometers can help your company!

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