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Temperature Monitoring in Construction Materials

Cement Processing - Infrared Monitoring of Kiln Shells

Rotary kilns used in cement processing are made from steel, lined with ceramic refractory material to protect the steel from the heat of the burner (1500°C/2700°F).

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Application Need 

Knowing the status of the refractory is critical to maintain kiln performance and prevent cost intensive breakdowns.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Detect hotspots due to refractory loss, damage or wear
  • Detect abnormal operating conditions, such as baking
  • Optimize and manage kiln maintenance
  • Extend operational life of kiln and refractory
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Turnkey Solution reduces installation costs through ease of integration
  • Shadow monitoring provides temperature monitoring in difficult to see areas on kiln
  • Refractory management reduces maintenance costs
Infrared Temperature Solutions

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