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Datapaq AutoPaq Thermal Profiling System, a wireless product for your rugged environment

December 12, 2022
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A large, U.S. based company was looking for an oven profiler with wireless capabilities. The factory environment was too hot and dirty for any kind of computer equipment to survive for very long and they were in desperate need of a solution. They were also nervous about spending money on a product which they weren’t sure would work for them.

We immediately thought of AutoPaq, a fully connected, Bluetooth® compatible, wireless profiler. The customer would be able to download their data quickly and easily via a USB port. The Autopaq also has more memory than they'd ever need so that they could collect even more data with multiple or longer runs at faster sample intervals.

And AutoPaq isn’t just for collecting data—it's also an analytics powerhouse! It uses BakeCharts software for visualizing bake curves, SPC software for statistical process control, process files for making custom reports, report templates for creating reports from scratch and much more! They would have access to Operator wizards and DATAPAQ Value software tools to help guide their process optimization efforts. And, of course, all of this can be accessed wirelessly.

The AutoPaq is the most reliable oven profiler you can find

As for the customer’s concerns about reliability, we're so confident in our products' capabilities that each comes with CQI-12 support, onboard correction factors, and calibration certificates - giving this business the assurance they were looking for.

We knew their business depended on having a reliable oven profiler that wouldn’t disappoint. That’s why we designed our system with robust stainless steel, high thermal mass, and dual probe exit barriers to ensure their process wouldn’t be interrupted by thermal damage or contamination. We also provide an option for silicone-free barrier technology because we're all about safety and quality.

This company was in need of an oven profiler with captured data that could be accessed remotely, one that would give them years of use and a product guarantee to soothe any worries when it came to performance and durability. With the innovative, trusted performance you would expect from Datapaq, AutoPaq became an invaluable tool for this customer.

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