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Datapaq Rotopaq Lite, designed specifically for rotomolding applications

January 11, 2023
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Rotomolding Process

A leading manufacturer of high-quality thermal products came to us looking for a temperature profile system. We knew no matter what kind of product they were making, they would need to monitor its performance as it went through its manufacturing process. What they needed was a powerful data logger that could move with ease from process to process and a guarantee that our product would work for them. We knew Datapaq’s Rotopaq Lite would be the perfect fit.

We immediately thought of AutoPaq, a fully connected, Bluetooth® compatible, wireless profiler. The customer would be able to download their data quickly and easily via a USB port. The Autopaq also has more memory than they'd ever need so that they could collect even more data with multiple or longer runs at faster sample intervals.

We introduced them to the RotoPaq Lite as our solution for accurate and efficient temperature measurement in real time. A continuously rotating monitoring device, the 10 mW RF power ensured reliable data transfer, even if their equipment was in a remote location. Multiple transmissions per measurement meant they could gather more data points and make more accurate decisions throughout the process.

The RotoPaq Lite allowed the customer to optimize measurements based on available bandwidth, ensuring that every bit of information came through clearly. Real time process alarms let them know when things were running smoothly or if there were any problems that needed attention right away - like overheating or freezing!

Powerful software

The Q18 data logger has six channels, giving our customer the ability to measure the entire process. The powerful InsightTM software allows in-depth live process review and analysis. Live raw data could be exported to Excel or other programs for further analysis. The customer would also see peak temperature and time at temperature. Area under curve, slope analysis, process files, Paq File overlays, and accurate data could also be detected - all essential for successful use of computer process simulation programs.

Move with ease

The TB5012 thermal barrier is designed for easy transfer from machine to machine or even site to site. Its weight of only 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs) meant that this customer could easily fit it on whatever machine they needed to monitor. Its continuous, rotating, multiple operation cycles meant they wouldn't have to worry about how they left the barrier in place.

Fixing brackets allowed quick and easy fitting of barriers on different machines, so the user wouldn’t have to worry about whether it would work for their application.

We believe in our products

We guarantee that our products will have the impact our customers expect. And if there is a problem with the product after installation, we'll do everything possible to make sure they don't have to deal with rework or rejects. We know how important it is to keep costs down while keeping customers happy.

We’ll always recommend the right product for the job

This particular business needed something that could track the temperature of their products over time, but also record data points so they could get an accurate picture of how things were going during production. We knew that if we could find them one product that could do all those things they’d be able to easily monitor the quality of all their manufacturing processes. We also wanted to make sure they weren’t losing money on defective products or wasting time on inefficient processes—which is why we recommended Rotopaq Lite, a perfect solution for a complex problem.

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