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Thermal Profiling

Car Chassis Painting
2022年12月12日 年月日
A large, U.S. based company was looking for an oven profiler with wireless capabilities. With the innovative, trusted performance you would expect from Datapaq, AutoPaq became an invaluable tool for this customer.
Customized Thermal Profiling Systems
definitions of each sensor type
Heat treatment involves the use of heating or chilling to achieve a desired result, such as hardening or softening of a material. For aerospace and automotive heat treatment, the temperature tolerance of a furnace is assessed by undertaking a Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS), which is essential for CQI-9 and AMS 2750 quality control standards.
When coatings are applied, for aesthetic or functional reasons, to a manufactured product a critical step is that of curing the coating. In either a batch or continuous oven the requirement is to raise the product mass and its coating material to a specified temperature and hold this temperature for a set time. Typical process times are designed to achieve 25 to 35 minutes at the threshold temperature to ensure a minimum time at the curing temperature of 20 minutes.
Effect of Temperature on Bacteria Growth
The benefits of cooking food are well documented to include among others, improved flavor, palatability, texture, shelf life and more recently reduced preparation time in the home. Food processors worldwide increasingly focus on the supply of ready cooked products in order to add value to the product and so maximize market appeal.
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