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Datapaq Food Tracker System

Designed to measure and log true product and environmental temperatures and to deliver reliable, accurate HACCP process validation, the Datapaq Food Tracker System is the ideal solution for demanding food processing applications.

The system is particularly suited to poultry, meat and seafood processing; commercial baking; frozen food production; commercial pasteurization and sterilization; and proving your compliance with HACCP regulations.

Because the Datapaq Food Tracker System can monitor both product and ambient temperatures throughout the entire cooking/freezing process – in both static and conveyorized ovens – it can help you better identify optimal cooking temperatures while still complying with industry standards. The system can also be used in steam cookers, deep fat fryers and blast freezers.

The Datapaq system can be used across a wide range of product and process types, allowing you to easily set up and calibrate ovens, as well as develop new cooking processes. This is achieved thanks to the interchangeable thermocouples, which can be mixed and matched depending on your specific need. The length of the thermocouples can also be customized to suit your exact process requirements.

Click below for more information about the Datapaq Food Tracker Thermal Profiling System – including the intuitive Insight™ software, rugged MultiPaq21 data logger and thermal barriers.

Food Tracker System

Datapaq® Food Tracker® Thermal Profiling System

Datapaq Food Tracker® Systems offer a reliable means of measuring and logging the true product and environmental temperatures in food processing, including cooking, frying, chilling and freezing — essential requirements for HACCP regulations and process validation.

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