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Fluke Process Instruments family of products

Thermal Imaging Solutions

Fluke Process Instruments’ thermal imaging solutions provide 24/7 monitoring capabilities to keep your process, products and site under control. Our fixed thermal imaging cameras feature IP67 (NEMA 4) rated housing and are designed for the most demanding and harsh conditions.

Ensuring on-site safety, process traceability and product quality requires continuous monitoring. Our thermal imaging technology provides infrared and visual feeds with actionable analytics. You can detect temperature inconsistencies quickly, while the ability to program unlimited areas of interest and set alarms helps to ensure site safety. The advanced pass/fail logic allows you to perform product inspections instantly and ensures process specifications are met.

Combined with our integrated software, our thermal imagers can be personalized to suit your specific requirements, including:

  • Simultaneous infrared and visible sighting for easy alignment and the ability to locate potential issues quickly
  • Independent, continuous, intermittent, and/or remote evaluation of temperature conditions in multiple locations so you can read temperature data whenever or wherever you need it.
  • Automated data recording and archiving to assist with data comparisons for benchmark and process review

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ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager

ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager

Fluke Process Instruments’ temperature monitoring solutions are designed to monitor and control industrial environments 24/7 so you can ensure critical assets stay protected and your colleagues stay safe.

All our solutions use infrared thermal imaging technology and advanced, actionable software that can be easily customized to fit your needs. Program unlimited areas of interest that can be continuously monitored with visual and infrared feeds as well as customizable alarms to ensure safety at your facility and for your critical assets.

Our solutions’ temperature analytics provide insight into any hot spots that could result in an asset failure and safety breach. This includes an asset starting to breakdown or a biomass pile spontaneously combusting. When temperatures exceed established conditions, automatic alarms can be triggered to alert you to the risk – enabling you to take action by halting the machine or sending instructions to the operator, for example. Feed this data into your PLC or view feeds remotely to ensure your process, products and site are under control 24/7.