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Datapaq DP5 Datalogger press image

Fluke® Process Instruments Introduces New Datapaq DP5 Temperature Loggers for All Soldering and Coating Cure Processes

Fluke® Process Instruments launches a new range of data loggers for temperature profiling in short and medium-duration processes in the electronics and paint & powder-coating industries. The Datapaq® DP5 series is optimized for ovens with a low clearance and reflow solder applications.

Thermalert 4.0 Pyrometer

Thermalert 4.0 - Smart pyrometers for plug & play factory automation

Fluke Process Instruments has launched the Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series for automatic noncontact temperature monitoring between -40 °C and 2,250 °C (-40 ºF to 4082 °F). The series currently comprises 13 models with varied spectral responses, including dedicated sensors for metals, glass, and plastics products.

Datapaq EasyTrack3 Data Logger

Monitoring of paint and powder cure

Complementing the newly launched Datapaq EasyTrack3 temperature data logger for paint and powder cure, Fluke Process Instruments supplies a comprehensive range of precise and reliable thermocouple probes. The type K thermocouples are specified to ANSI MC96.1 for an accuracy of ±1.1 °C or 0.4%. 

Screen Capture - New website

Fluke® Process Instruments Launches New Website Combining Industrial Temperature Measurement Solutions

Fluke® Process Instruments has announced the launch of a new website,, combining its extensive global capabilities in industrial temperature measurement. The website was designed to reflect the company’s core competencies and mission to provide the most comprehensive infrared temperature measurement and profiling solutions for industrial, maintenance and quality control applications.

Hitzeschutzbehälter für Datapaq EasyTrack3 Datenlogger

Heat protection range for temperature profiling in paint operations

The new DATAPAQ EasyTrack3 temperature profiling system from Fluke Process Instruments addresses the needs of any paint or powder coating operation. A comprehensive range of thermal barriers protects the data logger with its non-volatile memory in infrared and convection ovens. The light-weight aluminum standard barrier shields the electronics for up to 2 hours at 200 °C.

Datapaq ET3 Temperatur-Datenlogger (Pressebild)

Datapaq® EasyTrack®3: more memory, easy handling

The newest generation Datapaq EasyTrack3 system makes profiling oven cure of painted and powder-coated products easier than ever before. Fluke Process Instruments has equipped the data logger with a rugged and light polycarbonate casing that withstands harsh treatment and heat up to 100°C (212°F) without distortion and harm to the electronics.

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