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thermal imaging

IR センサー及び技術
Dylan Erwin is the Technical Sales Manager for Fluke Process Instruments and has previously worked as a product innovation manager and regional sales manager, among other responsibilities. Dylan received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University and spent the first few years of his professional career in the industrial automation market. Dylan recently spoke with Thomas Wilk about the many uses of thermal imaging devices on the plant floor and the future of the technology, including the release of the TV40 Thermal Imager from Fluke Process Instruments.
IR センサー及び技術
2021年01月12日 年月日
Imagine an undiagnosed hot spot in your plant. It may signify a weakened asset surface, prior to equipment failure. It might adversely affect your food recipes or pharma processes, resulting in bad product batches. Or even worse, it might be due to improperly grounded current, something which puts the safety of your workers at immediate risk.
Infrared Image
IR センサー及び技術
An infrared (IR) thermometer is a sensor that determines the temperature of an object by detecting and quantifying the infrared radiation emitted by measured target. An IR thermometer can be compared to the human eye. The lens of the eye represents the optics through which the radiation (flow of photons) from the object reaches the photosensitive layer (retina) via the atmosphere.